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The Perfect Sustainable Closure is Complimented by a perfectly Sustainable Bottle

Aluminum beer bottles in various volumes.  Custom colors or printed designs to express your brand.

Craft Brewers Conference & Brew Expo, San Antonio, TX - April 19-22, 2020

Visit Tecnocap at the Craft Brewers Conference to see the SuperC Closure and aluminum bottles.   SuperC has no sharp edges; easier to apply, reducing bottle breakage; easier to remove so anyone can open there own beer; made from recycled aluminum (up to 75% recycled content); works with both twist-off and pry-off bottle finishes; PVC free lines, BPA NI coatings.

The conference is being held at the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center, 900 East Market Street, San Antonio, TX.  Hope to see you there.  



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About SuperC


Why Aluminum?

     Since the beginning of automated production of closures, steel has been the primary material for caps.  While the steel is very functional, it has its downfalls.  Steel can rust.  Steel is also more difficult to form tight bends which is the reason sharp edges and points are found on some current steel closures.  Aluminum eliminates rust and corrosion.  Aluminum can accept tighter bends, creating smooth edges.  Aluminum is also more flexible and requires less pressure to apply the closure.     

Tecnocap, with its 135+ years of experience, has developed an aluminum closure which could make all other metal beer and soda pop beverage closures obsolete. 

Aluminum beer bottles from 8 oz to 32 oz.  Traditional amber, green or your custom design.

Savings You Can See Daily

      Each day you bottle your product, inevitably, you will have a percentage of failures.  Keeping those failures to a minimum is a constant battle.  SuperC significantly reduces failures due to the low application head pressure required.  Capping head pressure for SuperC can be less than 350 PSI which is a reduction my more than 50% of normal application pressures.  Lower spoilage means higher profits.    

      SuperC provides a real opportunity for even greater savings.  The lower application head pressure means your bottles can be made lighter, up to 20% lighter.  Your savings just keeps growing.

      SuperC runs on standard filling lines at conventional speeds. Capping with SuperC will more than double the speed of filling lines which currently use ROPP closures, at a lower overall cost.


Top Your Bottle With Something Unique

      Using SuperC shows you are at the cutting edge of packaging technology.  Take it a step further and customize these bottle caps to compliment your total package.  Place  your logo on your SuperC or other artwork which makes the SuperC uniquely yours.

SuperC works with both pry-off and easy-open bottles, whether they are glass or aluminum.   


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Aluminum Bottles

Make the perfect package, SuperC aluminum crown on an aluminum bottle.  Bottles are available in sizes from 8 ounces to 32 ounces.  Traditional amber is probably to most popular, but green, natural aluminum or your custom design can be provided.  Imagination is your only limitation.

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